Kresen Kernow holds copies of a wide variety of Cornish newspapers on microfilm, including those in print, such as The West Briton (dating from 1810 to present) and the Cornish Guardian (1901-present), and those out of print, including Royal Cornwall Gazette (1801-1951) and the Cornish Telegraph (1851-1915). The Sherborne Gazette, dating from 1737, also contains Cornish news.

Newspapers are a fantastic source for local history research, and can give an insight into everything from the weather to local events, curious products being advertised to job advertisements. Birth, marriage and death announcements can be helpful for family history researchers.

An increasing number of local newspapers are available to search online through the British Newspaper Archive, which is freely accessible during a visit to Kresen Kernow or at your local library in Cornwall.

Click to download the full list of Newspapers at Kresen Kernow here.