Scan and print service

Use this service to order digital scans of original archive material such as documents, maps, photographs and books which we will then print out in colour and send to your postal address. Please note, this service is only available for UK residents.

All items are copied using specialist equipment which minimises damage to the items as well as creating excellent, full colour digital images that are then printed out.  Items over A3 size will be reduced in size and printed on A3 paper.

Do not use this service if you want to order newspaper copies, tithe records, or if you want to receive digital copies.

Download the scan and print order form 2022 here

How much does it cost?

£20      Scan and printout of original will regardless of number of pages

£15      Scan of single image from documents up to A2 and printout up to A3 size.

£2        Additional printout from the same item for documents up to A2 size

We cannot provide scan and print copies for items larger than A2 size. Please use our Scan service.

Postage and packaging costs for the UK are included in the price. For overseas orders, please use our Scan service.

The Scan and print service is more expensive than the scan only service in order to cover the additional time and resources needed to print out and post your images.


If you would prefer to receive your copies by email, please use our Scan service.

We can also provide black and white copies of wills and parish register entries from microform, please see our Microform service.