We are working on making our map collections available online. In the meantime, you can access historic maps through the Historic Environment Service’s historic mapping website.

This includes the tithe maps, which cover most of Cornwall and date from the early 1840s. The map is accompanied by an apportionment (not yet available to view online) which records the landowner, occupier and use for each plot of land and is linked to the map by a number.

To view the tithe maps online, use the historic mapping link above, then click ‘search’ and enter the address you are interested in. Next click ‘Basemap’ and ‘Tithe maps’. Click the box next to ‘Tithe maps’ on the next menu and select the parish of interest. The property you are interested in will now be marked on the tithe map.

Alternatively, to browse a tithe map, select ‘Basemap’ and then ‘Tithe maps’ (you need to select it both times the words appear). You can then select the parish or parishes you are interested in and zoom in using the ‘+’ button to explore. If you are unsure of the parish you need, select ‘Layers’, click on the ‘+’ by parishes and then select either ‘parishes’ or ‘ecclesiastical parishes’ to see which you need, before choosing which tithe map to view. You can view multiple tithe maps at once by selecting each map you are interested in.

You can order copies of tithe maps and apportionments through our tithe records service.

For more information on our map collections, you can read our Collections Guide.

We also offer a school workshop looking at historic maps of Cornwall.