P172-1-1 extract

Photograph of extract from parish register on very badly damaged paper.

Another feature of Elizabeth’s reign was tension and war with Spain, which reached Cornish shores in 1595. The badly damaged parish register for Paul church, near Newlyn, describes how, on July 23 1595 “the Church Towre, Bells, and all other things pertaining to the same together with the Houses and goods were burn’d and spoil’d by the Spaniards.” (P172/1/1)

Nas aral reyn Elizabeth o tynder ha bresel gans Spayn, hag a dhrehedhas morrebow Kernow yn 1595. Y teskrif kovskrif pluw shyndys yn feur a eglos Pawl ogas dhe Lulynn fatel veu leskys ha gorbeskys dhe 23 Gortheren 1595 “tour an eglos, klegh, ha taklow erel a longya dhedhi ha’n chiow ha’n gwara hag a veu leskys ha namna gans an Spaynyoryon.” (P172/1/1)

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