P204 combined

Extracts from handwritten parish registers.

As a maritime region, reliant on overseas trade, we might expect Cornwall to have connections to the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Although slavery wasn’t technically legal in Britain, it didn’t stop Mrs Chapman of Fowey being recorded as ‘owning’ Rachel and Samuel when they were baptised in Fowey in 1743 and 1746 respectively. (P204/1/2)

Avel ranndir morek, kregys war genwerth tramor, y hyllir desevos bos dhe Gernow kevrennow dh’n Kenwerth Kethyon Treusatlantek. Kyn nag o kethneth laghel yn hwir yn Breten, ny’n hedhas Ms Chapman a Fowydh bos rekordys ‘ow perghenna’ Rachel ha Samuel pan vons besydhys yn Fowydh yn 1743 ha 1746 a-gettep. (P204/1/2)

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