P22-1-6 (2)

Photograph of an extract from a parish register.

The parish registers also hint at the potential of a small Black community in 19th century Cornwall. John Rodney’s wedding at Budock church in 1804 is here witnessed by distinguished violinist and formerly enslaved man, Joseph Emidy. Interestingly, on the previous page the marriage of Michael Dwyer of the Royal African Corps is also recorded. (P22/1/6)

Keffrys y hynt an kovlyvrow pluw a bossybylta a gemeneth Dhu byghan yn Kernow an 19ves kansvledhen. Demedhyans John Rodney y’n eglos Budhek yn 1804 yw destys omma gans krowder a vri ha kyns den kethhes, Joseph Emidy. Dhe les yw bos kovadhys keffrys war an folen kyns demedhyans Michael Dwyer a’n Korf Riel Afrikan. (P22/1/6)

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