P236-1-1 (3) burial of Maria, daughter of Emmanuel ‘the moor’

Extract from handwritten parish register

We always knew there were records of baptisms, marriages and burials of Black people in our parish registers. However, we didn’t realise how far back they went. Finding them requires some familiarity with the terminology used. The earliest record dates from St Keverne in 1605 and refers to “Constance the base child of a blackamore”. Three members of the family of “Emmanuel the Moor” are also recorded as living in Truro in the early 1600s. Here, the death of his daughter Maria in 1611 is recorded in Latin. (P236/1/1)

Y hwodhyen ni pub prys bos kovadhow a vesydhyow, demedhyansow hag ynkleudhyansow a dus Dhu y’gan kovlyvrow pluw. Byttegyns, ny wodhyen ni bos dalleth anedha mar a-varr. Rag aga havos res bos tamm aswonvos a’n termonieth devnydhys. An kovadh a-varra yw dhiworth Pluwaghevran yn 1605 ha meneges “Constance the base child of a blackamore”. Keffrys yma tri esel teylu “Emmanuel the Moor” kovadhys ow triga yn Truru a-varr y’n 17ves kansvledhen. Omma, kovadhys yn Latin yw mernans y vyrgh yn 1611. (P236/1/1)

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