Scan of handwritten Tudor document.

Our collections also include a report about Mary’s execution, which took place in 1586 at Fotheringhay castle. The report notes “soe willinglie she stepped upp to the Scaffold wIhich was prepared for her in the Hall… then…havinge a corpus Christi cloth…put it over the Queen of Scots face, and pinned it fast… then gropinge for the blocke she laid downe her head putting her Chinne over the blocke… then lienge still on the blocke she did endure ij[2] strokes making verie smale noyse or none att all not stirring anie parte of her from the place wher she laid, so the executioner cut off her head then master Deane said soe perish all the Queens enimyes…” (RS/1/1119)

Yma ynwedh synsys y’gan kuntellow derivas a eksekutyans Maria, hag a hwarva yn 1586 orth kastel Fodheringhay. An derivas a verk “mar tiwysyk hi a yskynnas dhe’n vynk a veu pareusys rygdhi y’n hel… ena… ow kavos kweth Corpus Christi… a’s gorras war fas Myghternes an Albanyon, ha’y fynnya fast… ena yn unn balvala rag an stock hi a settyas hy fenn, ow korra hy elgeth dres an stock… ena a’y gorwedh stag war an stock hi a berthas ii[2] dava ow kul po son pur isel po son vyth heb styrrya rann vyth anedhi a’n le may hworwedha, ytho an eksekutyer a’s dibennas ena Mester Deane a leveris yndella y ferow eskerens oll an Vyghternes…” (RS/1/1119)

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