Scan of handwritten Tudor document.

Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth’s Catholic cousin, was a huge threat to Elizabeth as many people supported her claim to the throne. Eventually, Elizabeth agreed to her execution. This letter is a copy of one sent to Sir Amias Paulet, Mary’s jailer, in the lead up to the execution. In it Elizabeth wrote, “And bidd her from me aske Gods Forgiveness For her trecherous dealings towards the saver of her life manie yeares to the intollerable perill of our owne, And yet not Content, with soe many forgivenesses must fall agayne soe horribly Farre surpassinge a womans thought muche lesse A princesse.” (RS/1/1119)

Maria Myghternes an Albanyon, keniterow Gatholik Elizabeth, o godros hujes dhe Elizabeth drefen lies den dhe skoodhya hy chalenj dhe’n tron. Wortiwedh, yth assentyas Elizabeth dh’y eksekutyans. An lyther ma yw dasskrif a onan danvenys dhe Syr Amias Paulet, jayler Maria, y’n termyn kyns an eksekutyans. Ynno y skrifas Elizabeth, “Ha dhedhi erghewgh dhiworthiv may pyssi gevyans Duw rag hy fara traytus dhe selwador hy bewnans dres lies bledhen dhe’n peryl anporthadow a’gan honan. Mes na hwath kontentys gans kemmys gevyansow a dal kodha arta mar euthyk yn unn worbassya preder benyn heb kewsel a bennseviges.” (RS/1/1119)

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