Scan of a handwritten Tudor document signed by Walter Raleigh.

Fear of Spanish attacks and invasions led to defences around the coast being strengthened, including at Pendennis Castle. In this 1597 letter, Elizabeth’s right hand man and Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, Walter Raleigh, wrote to John Rashleigh of Fowey, grateful for his improved defences: “Whereas you have at your owne greate charge made a place of defence in your house at Foye and furnished the same with ordinance and munytion for the better repulsinge of the enemye upon anie attempte by them to be made by sea againste the saide towne…” You can read the full transcript by searching our catalogue for RS/1/901.

Own a omsettyansow ha goryskynansow Spaynek a ledyas dhe grefheansow a’n defensow a-dro dhe’n arvor, Kastel Penndinas y’ga mysk. Y’n lyther ma a 1597, penn kussulyer Elizabeth ha Leftenant Arlodh Kernow, Walter Raleigh, a skrifas dhe Yowan Rashleigh a Fowydh, grasek a’y dhefensow gwellhes: Ha hwi orth agas spenans meur agas honan, re wrug tyller defensadow y’gas chi dhe Fowydh ha’y dakla gans arvow ha daffar ladhva rag gortheneba gwella an eskar yn neb assay a vo gwrys gansa dhyworth a’n mor erbyn an dre gampollys…” Y hyllir redya an treusskrif leun dre hwilas y’gan menegva rag RS/1/901.

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