Letter, from Basil Yeaxlee to his uncle, who drowned when the Mohegan sank in 1898

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7 Albert Grove, Southsea.

October 1st 1898

Dear Uncle,

I expect you have, by this time, almost forgotten me, not having seen me for so long, and I not writing.

Well, I am going to write at last, and, above all things, a begging letter.

Hearing from Gran that you are about to sail for New York, I am going to ask you to do something for me.

Now I am a Foreign Stamp Collector (I have about 785 now) and the US have just issuid a new set of stamps, and I want you, if you can, to get me a few specimens (unused, preferably) That’s like my cheek, isn’t it. The stamps that I want are oblong, about this size [sketch]

However, you will soon see what I mean.

I am going to King’s College, London, in January (I shall be 15 December 2nd) and after 2 years there I am going to try for the Civil Service.

We are all well; I hope Auntie and the ten footer are all right.

Hoping that you will have a fine voyage, I remain

Your affectionate nephey

Basil A Yeaxlee
(Yeaxlee BA)

[Includes sketch of stamp outline]