Witch’s charm

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For Thamson Leverton on Saterday next being the 17th of this Instant September any time that day take about a pint of your owne urine and make it almost scalding hot then Emtie it into a Stone Jugg with a Narrow Mouth then put into it so much white salt as you can take up with the Thumb and two forefingers of your lift hand and three new nails with their points downwards their points being first made very Sharp then Stop the mouth of the Jugg very close with a piece of Tough Cley and bind a piece of Leather firm over the stop then put the Jugg into warm Embers and keep him there 9 or 10 days and nights following so that it go not stark cold all that meantime day nor Night and your private Enemies will Never after have any power upon you either in Body or Goods So be it