Creating custom maps

  • To create a custom map to add to your CAN community archives for example go to Google My Maps
  • Click ‘Create a new map’
  • Search for the postcode to zoom into the correct area
  • To add a marker on the map search for a street, a window will pop up, click ‘Add to map’. A blue marker will drop. You can then move the marker around to get it exact.

  • Continue to add markers by searching for more streets and clicking Add to map
  • When the blue marker has been added the panel will now have a pain bucket symbol, click on this to change the icon, there are lots of different icons to choose from

  • You can join the icons together with a line or add routes by selecting the line icon under the search bar and drawing directly onto the map.

  • When you have finished click Share on the left hand side panel and make sure it is set to be public for the web

  • Next click the 3 dots next to the title of your map and click Embed on my site

  • Copy the iframe code

  • Back in WordPress go to the page you want the map to appear on, in the editor switch to the ‘Text’ tab view

  • Paste in the code
  • When you switch back to the Visual editor you will see the map appear.

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