Making an image available to buy

  • To add the option to buy an image to one of the images go to Settings > Licensing:
  • Here you will see a field of all the existing images for sale:
  • Edit the list directly by deleting a reference number or adding a new one.
  • Any image with a reference matching at least one of the lines below will be made available for licensing.
    NOTE entering “corn” would match any image with reference containing “corn” – corn0001, corn0002, 123corn567, 891corn etc.
  • Click Save Changes

Types of license

  • The types of licenses are set up under Products
  • Check with the developer before making any changes here.

Your orders

  • Your order information can be found under WooCommerce

Exporting orders data

  • To export a spreadsheet of data go to All Export > Manage Exports

  • Click ‘Run Export‘ on the Orders Export option


  • To create a discount coupon to be used at the checkout go to WooCommerce > Coupons
  • Click Add Coupon
  • Click Generate coupon code
  • In the field underneath you can describe the discount
  • In the Coupon data panel you can choose whether you want to take a % off or a fixed price. You can enter a date for when the coupon expires.
  • Under the Usage restriction tab you can choose whether people need to spend a certain amount before a discount is applied. You can also choose to include or exclude certain product types. https://kresenkernow.org/staging/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=product
  • Under the Usage limits tab you can select how many times the code can be used overall, how many times it can be used by each user or how many items they can use it on.
  • If none of the settings above are changed then the code can be used on all products an unlimited amount of times.
  • Copy and paste the code and send it to the user. Alternatively if you are setting a code for everyone for a limited period of time you can publish this on the site or in a newsletter.


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