Events & exhibitions

  • Go to Events on the left hand side
  • Set the start and end date in the Event date panel in the top right.
  • In the main content panel enter a description of the event
  • In the even details panel enter the location, you can also embed a map – to do this find the correct area on Google maps – click the Share button and then the ’embed a map’ tab, you will see a code which starts with ‘iframe’ copy this and paste it into the ‘venue google map’ field in the cms.
  • Add more information such as cost and how to book
  • The Excerpt field is used on listings pages, if this field isn’t filled in then the first 100-200 characters of the description will be fed through to the listing
  • Add a featured image
  • Tick the Event Category from the list, to add more categories click ‘Add new event category’

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