Flip book

  • Any page which has a book embedded into it needs to have the page template set to “Book Reader”

  • An example can be found here https://kresenkernow.org/wp-admin/post.php?post=3868&action=edit
  • The Book reader fields will then appear on that page
  • Add in the title, author and info fields – these will appear in the panel which appears when you click the “info” button
  • In the Book url field enter the field of the main record – this is the return link for the record you have embedded the book onto.
  • The book thumbnail is the image which will appear on the page you are linking from
  • The book pages are uploaded into the table underneath
  • For each page you can up to two images – left image and right image and two additional images for fold outs from these. You can also set if they are to rotate.
  • Under the book pages table in the Collection Connection field – enter the collection id of the page you want to embed the book onto.

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