Image galleries

  • A gallery is useful when you need images to appear in a grid such as a collection of logos or small images
  • In the WYSIWYG editor select Add Media
  • Click Create Gallery on the left hand side
  • Select all the images you want in the gallery and click Create a new gallery in the bottom right
  • You can reorder the images by dragging them
  • On the right hand side edit the settings –
  • If it is a gallery of nice images you can select them to link to the media file, this will mean you can click on them and they will appear larger in a lightbox view. If they are logos or the images are too small for zooming in to be of any benefit then select them to link to ‘none’.
  • You can edit the number of columns the grid will appear as, set the order as random (so they appear in a different order on every load of the page)
  • Make sure the size is set to Medium
  • Click insert gallery

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