Image/topic browser

  • To edit the topics that appear in the Image browser
  • Go directly to this page in the back end
  • Scroll down until you see 2) Image block for the Topics or 4) Image block for the Places
  • You can change the image that is shown by deleting it and adding a new one from the media library
  • If you want to delete a topic – hover over the grey bar to the right of the block, a minus icon will appear – it will turn red when the mouse is directly on it – click this and then click ‘remove’ when it asks if you are sure.

  • To add a new topic scroll to the bottom of the set of blocks until you see the blue “Add new image block” button
  • Click this and a blank one will appear
  • Keep the type as image
  • Upload an image you wish to represent the topic or place
  • In the text field type in the title for the topic or place
  • Click Select Link
  • Open the Image browser in another window and search for whatever topic or place you want to into the image search field
  • Copy the full url of that search result
  • Paste the url into the url field which appears when you click Select Link
  • Click save

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