• At the top right hand site of each Post or Page there is a box labelled Languages:
  • To add the Cornish version of that particular post or page click the plus sign next to the “cr”, this will take you to a blank version of the same post ready to input the content.
  • When the content has been added the plus sign will turn into a Pencil icon (as above), clicking this will take you to the page to edit.
  • This is also available on media items so you can add a translation for an image caption for instance.
  • The easiest way to do this is to go to the media library and make sure that it is in list format as apposed to grid format (top left icon):
  • You will then be able to quickly see which has translations by seeing if there is a plus sign or pencil sign on the right hand side under the “cr”:
  • You can also go into each media item individually and select the language from the drop down:
  • Selecting Languages > Strings translations from the left hand side menu will bring up a list of all the most common words and phrases used across the site, this means that when they are filled in here they will automatically translate across the site. This is useful for buttons etc..
    You will find lots of standard text such as that appears in the footer here for you to edit 

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