• Adding a page under Pages will not automatically add it to a menu
  • This must be done manually under Appearance > Menus
  • Select a menu to edit from the drop down menu, here you will see all menus that appear on the site in both English and Cornish

  • All the pages are listed underneath as blocks, the ones that are indented appear as child pages of that section (will appear in the drop downs)

  • You can re-order pages by clicking and dragging
  • Try not to go above 3 levels of indentation
  • By clicking the downward arrow on the right you can rename the page, or Remove it (this will remove the page from the menu, it will not delete the page itself)
  • To add pages you can search and select them from the list on the left hand side

  • Select the page using the checkbox and click Add to Menu
  • The page will appear at the bottom, drag to where you want it to be
  • Do not add any extra top level pages to the Primary Navigation menus without checking with the developer, as this may break the layout.

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