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Have a go at cataloguing

Black and white photograph showing St Michael's Mount with a bi plane flying over.

Practise your cataloguing skills on these test documents.

Click on an image to select a task. A blank cataloguing form will appear to the right of the image, simply fill in each box according to the Kresen Kernow Guide to Cataloguing and then click ‘show answer’.

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Have a go at transcribing

Scan of handwritten letter with water stains.

The basic rule for document transcription is copy the original spelling and punctuation. However, before starting a transcription task please read the Kresen Kernow Guide to Transcribing. Specific formatting rules apply to help create user friendly records and improve the search functions of the catalogue system. Please remember to adhere to these rules as best you can when completing a task.

Top tips to remember

  • Do not use full stops within initials of person/place/company names or official organisations
  • Expand abbreviations and type ‘&’ as and
  • Standardise units of measure as given in instructions
  • If you’re not sure of a spelling use [?] at the end of the word
  • If a word is unreadable use […] to represent the word
  • Editorial notes can be written within square brackets, [text]
  • Ignore any page numbers, other reference numbers and crossed out text (strikethrough)

Click one of the images below to have a go at transcribing. You can check your answers as you go by clicking ‘show answer’.

Feeling ready to tackle a live task? Go to the Current projects page and get started.